Smart Electronic Device Development with Arduino

Control your world

Using modern rapid prototyping devices and software, We can build a device for you and do it quickly and inexpensively.

Look at the three lists below and apply it to your problem. Feel free to pick and choose.

We can bring together a variety of technologies to help you with any condition listed above and pretty much anything that needs measurement and some type of response. You can bring in monitoring, reacting, controling, recording, and web/App communications in custom ways to help you save money, avoid risks, become more efficient, avoid loss and more.

Our design service can use the following technologies and pull them together to create an overall solution to your problem


  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Light
  • Movement
  • Current draw
  • Moisture
  • Voltage (battery level for example)
  • Current
  • Stress & strain
  • Acceleration
  • Vibration


  • Measuring on a regular frequency
  • Things happening
  • Things NOT happening
  • Above or below thresholds
  • Changes in frequency
  • Responding or not responding
  • Based on a schedule


  • Make things move (motors, servos, solenoids)
  • Turn on and off
  • Make noise (buzzers, alarms)
  • Send messages via internet (email, posting to a database or web site, texting)
  • Record measurements and events, date, time, value

Combine the three above lists and you can come up with a pretty wide range of things.

  • Monitor for movement after 5 pm and send an email when detected.
  • When the frequency of a sump pump running exceeds 2 times per hour, turn on an alarm and send an email.
  • When the battery level of something goes below 4 volts, send a text message.
  • When you sense movement, open a gate.
  • Record the light level in a room every 10 minutes and post the value to a database on the web. Provide a graph of the readings over time..
  • Have a Mobile app that is able to see the current values of any monitoring

The list is endless and limited only by your and our imagination.


Consultations are free.

Example Projects we have done:

  1. Monitor the temperature of high tech freezers used in biological research for temperatures above 40 below and turn on an alarm and send an email. (Reduces risk of lost research due to thawing)
  2. Monitor a sump pump frequency of running for more than 1 per 5 minutes and turn on a buzzer and send a text. (Reduces risk of flooding)
  3. Monitor a temperature sensor for sudden changes and send a text (door left open alert) (Saves energy costs)
  4. Monitor for when a Mobile device Joins the network, ask for a password and open the door (external, remote door opening)
  5. Record various temperatures around a building, record their values every 5 minutes and log the data to a web database allowing charting and comparing the various locations. (learn about temperature control and insulating efforts’ impact)

About Us

Our design team is experienced in electronics, programming, web technology, database design, Mobile App development and system integration. We can use one or all of these skills for you and do so amazingly quickly and inexpensively.

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