Mobile Apps – Small, Simple & Quick

  • Do you need a relatively simple mobile App created ?
  • Do you fear you will get killed by a company with large organizational overhead?
  • Do you need it done before the typical sales rep could plan a visit?
  • Are you worried most vendors are structured for high dollar, larger projects and have relatively high minimums?

I build simple, cross platform apps quickly.

I’m not the guy to make your new geo-social connected app that reads Twitter feeds and posts your current location and photos to Facebook with dreams of millions of users.

That’s a heavy lift.

I’m a one person shop with all the skills to make Mobile apps and Web integration’s happen quickly.

What I can do is a simple app that has only a few screens and does a relatively simple function.

  • Maybe it reads data from the web and re-formats it.
  • Maybe it posts some data to a web database and is then accessible from the web.
  • Maybe it performs a special calculation that you need done frequently.
  • Maybe you need an update-able list to be managed on the web and read in an app.

I can build a Cross Device App for you in as little as a day. Of course it depends on the complexity… how many screens, web interaction, security etc.

About Me

I’m a deeply experience programmer and design simple to use web applications, Mobile Apps and more. I work in JavaScript, NodeJS, PHP HTML, CSS, Responsive Web Design, MySQL and more. I can even get your web piece up and running on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

But what you really get when you hire me is my experience. Hiring an experienced developer is like the difference between someone who knows the basic grammar of a human language but you want someone to craft a story with plot, action, characters and meaning. I know what to do and why and equally important, what not to do. Many programmers are “tell me what you want”. If you are not an experienced systems person, you may not know what you want (exactly). That scenario creates false starts, significant rework and lots of conflict.

I hold a MS from Stevens Institute of Technology in Information Systems and have built dozens of software systems for large and small businesses alike.

When people work with me, they quickly understand that I strive to understand their need, learn enough about their problem to confirm that the app will help and then begin suggesting a solution. I always get to the point where I can think FOR my customer. I’m very transparent. I believe in frequent “show me” feedback. I love a simple, easy to understand, well labeled User interface with error messages that are actually useful to the user.You will normally see rough screens and some basic functioning in a few hours

My First language is US English and I do not “yes” people to death like so many in the IT world.
I will gently tell you no when I think you are asking for something that will lead to great expense, become nonviable quickly or I don’t believe it is technically possible. The only offshore about me is if you call when I’m fishing in the summer ( a rare occurrence). In my experience, offshore involves huge eye rolling frustration, rework, daily mis-understandings, risk of your code being used elsewhere or disclosed with little recourse and more. 1/2 the cost and 3 times the work and frustration.

I believe that Simple beats complex every time.

Simple and quick is my specialty.

For Example: Imagine you have a web-based database, and need an App to query the DB for data specific to the particular app user, and display the results. Simple, right? The user opens the app, sees their data, maybe can sort it.

That’s a couple of hours of coding. If you want to post status back (like checking off something on the screen), That’s another hour. Add in some startup items like gaining access to systems, configuring your device, some back & forth and a few technical glitches and it’s a day.

With me, there are no expensive sales reps to pay, no marketing budget,no flashy presentation decks to sell you, no project managers, just you, me and an App. hitting the ground and running. Low risk and low cost.

The apps I make are normally not for publishing (although I’ll consider it). Publishing adds significant overhead to a project like extensive cross device testing, deeper security, dealing with the stores, getting publishing approval and much more. I’m even open to collaborations or profit sharing.

Am I your Guy?

Please reach out.