School Lottery Management System

Charter School Lottery Management System

Are you seeking a clean, basic web-based system for accepting and managing applications and running a lottery for admission to your Charter School or organization?

The School Lottery Management System

SLMS is a web based application where you enable your applicants to register themselves for an entrance lottery via a web-based front end. The applicant’s registration ends with a confirming email and a results screen.

During the registration period, as an administrator, you can comb the full set of data looking for and fixing errors, duplicate entries, incorrect birth dates and grades and other problems. Validation logic detects and rejects duplicate applications. Data quality reports help you find other data problems.

The system runs the lottery for you. The lottery results are available to applicants via a self-server page.

After the lottery, you can continue to manage the data as well as the acceptance/wait lists.

The system is secure, defends against spammers and data harvesters, and is hosted on Amazon’s AWS for extreme reliability.

You have complete control over SLMS in regards to user access, application open and close dates, message text, managing imports and exports and more. We offer statistical and potential problem data reports helping you better manage your lottery. SLMS is offered as a service at very competitive rates and is available today.

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  • Simple to learn and use
  • Self-intuitive user interface
  • Stores all applicant entered data into a database (no handling spreadheets)
  • Keep up with registration edits as they occur.
  • Easily manage your wait-list and accepted lists
  • Applicants can lookup their own results.
  • Works from any browser, tablet or smartphone.
  • Secure.
  • Training and support included.


  • Powerful searching to find incorrectly added students.
  • Email confirmation back to applicant w/CC to admin.
  • Manage the wait-list and position shuffling.
  • Nightly publishing allowing wait-list mistakes to be undone before publishing.
  • Runs the lottery.
  • Full audit trail.
  • Nightly database backups.
  • Manage admin users.
  • Manual entry of registrations for paper applicants.
  • Reports: Applicant status breakdown, Student age to grade mismatches.
  • Handles siblings and multiples.

Statistical breakdown of RegistrantsStatistical Breakdown of applicants

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