Learn to Play the Irish Tin Whistle

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In this class you will learn

  • How to hold the whistle
  • How to blow into the instrument
  • The core set of notes (fingerings) covering 99% of all Irish music
  • Exactly how and what to practice and how to know when you are ready to move to the next lesson
  • How to read the diagrams so you can learn tunes by yourself
  • 2 Ditties
  • 4 Irish Tunes
  • When and How to take breaths while playing
Ray Hogan – Tin Whistler Teacher

Classes are taught by Ray Hogan who has taught dozens of kids and adults how to play the whistle in person. From that experience, he knows what the common mistakes are and how to overcome them and focuses his students on the things that get the best results fastest. Ray is both a good Tin whistle player and more importantly, a great teacher. See videos here.

Now you can learn through his videos AND also get personalized instruction as part of the package (with a $5 savings). Both are available separately as well. and you can buy multiple virtual instruction sessions.

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