Custom Intelligent Devices Built

Electronic Gadgets Made

Are you looking for someone who can make an electronic gadget?

Something that includes both electronics and computers?

Maybe you need a device to supplement a production machine, monitor temperatures, trigger alarms, post collected data to the web etc, etc.

I prefer to work on small projects on which I can provide fast turn around.

I typically work with Arduinos, but will use other devices when the need calls.

I will do the whole project. I acquire the sensors you need and then write the software needed to make it solve your problem.

If you need a way to:

  • Automate something
  • Monitor readings
  • Control machines or devices
  • Collect and log data from Sensors.
  • Rapid Prototype

If your project includes a web or mobile application and database, I can handle that too.
I’m an experienced Software and electronics developer and can make your project or invention come to life with no organizational overhead.

Here’s an example project I built. It records the temperature of a garage and areas around the garage every 10 minutes, logs the data to the web and a PHP application and Google chart web page cooperate to interactively graph the data.


Another example was a research device I built while working with molecular biologists. They were studying the brain and needed to sleep deprive live mice. I conceived and built (in effect) an earthquake machine.

Reach out to me if you think I can help.