Convert Videos to Podcasts Service

Are you under-serving or even missing out on a larger part of your audience because you only make your media available in Video?

Would you like to convert your video content on Youtube of Vimeo into Podcasts or audio content?

There are plenty of people looking to consume your video content on their mobile devices, but can’t afford the bandwidth hit. Maybe they are driving and want to listen, but once again, they only need the audio, but are spending bandwidth unnecessarily.

Our Video-to-audio service will convert your pubically hosted or private video content into reduced bandwidth video content or podcasts.

Our typical bandwidth reduction is around 90%.


  • Translate Online Video to Reduced Bandwidth static image video
  • Translate Video content into audio-only podcast.
  • Edit sound quality for consistent sound level
  • Remove sections that don’t work in audio

Static Image Videos
$2 per video plus $25 per hour of content (Single image)
Additional Images – $4 per inserted image

Translate to podcast
$2 per video plus $25 per hour of content

Sound Quality Editing (sound leveling, editing content, removing)
$50/Hr (Editor time, not video run time), $20 minimum