Mobile Development in Xamarin

For about 5 years, I have been developing android apps in the Microsoft product “Xamarin”. I initially chose Xamarin because it is able to share code between Android and IOS and it has close to native speed. Normally I am not obsessed with speed but I have an App in development that needs speed. Over the years, and in general, I have found working with Xamarin difficult. There are very large amounts of background you need in order to build Apps. More importantly, the tools, although powerful also are very particular and often cause hours of lost productivity. Recently, Microsoft indicated that they are ending support in early 2024 for Xamarin Native, and, I would need to learn their newest flavor … called Maui.

Considering my experience with Xamarin, and the fact that I will need to learn something anyway, I’m investigating Flutter, a Google, cross platform development environment. So far, the learning curve is much less difficult, and the support and documentation is solid. I’m in development of my first Publicly available app and am about 90 % done. My initial guess is Flutter is about 3 times more productive for the developer. I’m hopeful