Mobile App Development

Mobile is the new frontier.

Do you need data available via a mobile platform?

Maybe you have an idea to enhance your customers’ experience via mobile?

We build apps

We build basic through Intermediate Mobile Apps. No games or heavy graphics.
We use an Agile approach to building Apps, where you can see the progress weekly and guide the process much more intimately than the traditional way of developing.

License you mobile app idea.

Do you have an app idea and want to license it? The average cost for a moderately complex app is in the $50,000 range and no guarantee of success. Maybe licensing it to someone else to build s the way to go? You get the cream off the top and only provide the idea while someone else builds, configures servers, handles security, customer interaction and everything else.

We do consider licensing others ideas under a non-disclosure agreement. If you think you have a broad market idea think about licensing it to us.

Let us know if we can help you .