Fixing Deficient Business Processes

Process Re-engineering

Processes are part of the core of an organization, but too often ad-hoc decisions, business growth, insufficient management, losing critical staff and many other reasons cause the process to break or become less than what is needed.chain

Many processes today have or need a software component to capture data or to enforce the process. Software and process together solve problems and create opportunities.

I  have 30 years of process re-engineering, enhancement and establishment. I  typically then build software to support the new or changed business process and capture then report on the critical captured data. Later higher levels of understanding are gleaned using business intelligence and analytics on that same captured data.

Some examples of our improved process

  • Replacing an ancient ticker tape machine with a new software/hardware solution and capturing historical data (as compared to saving ticker tape)
  • Building tools to discover mis-configured backups that allow the data to flow over expensive, WAN lines and then report on those suspect devices for proper configuration reducing bandwidth requirements and lowering network expenses.
  • Converging divergent software systems for calculating and billing life insurance customers back into a single system.
  • Auto configure backups against servers saving 13 staff hours per day .

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