Problem Solving Book in Development

So a gift I believe I have is the ability to take a collection of experiences and learning and to distill and simplify those lessons into simple to understand and highly valuable instruction. I noticed this ability as a technical trainer teaching web development and business intelligence software. I often had people compliment me on make things easy to learn. I shy away from insider language, develop real-life analogies,in general encourage my students and truly care about their outcome.

To that, I am in the process of writing a book describing a generalized approach to solving any type of problem.

Over the span of my life, I have fixed cars, bicycles, electronics, software, garage door openers, heat lamps, food processors, business processes, health issues, learning issues, creative writing problems and many other things from wildly diverse fields,

After a while I began to notice that essential patterns emerge when fixing “things”.

The book I am writing is about those observations.

In my opinion, it is much more valuable to learn a more general process than it is to learn a specific one.The general one can be adapted to many circumstances and has value ion all facets of your life. A general approach can be applied to pretty much all facets of your life and bring broad and highly valuable reactions to problems.

Using a general approach to solving problems allow you to save money by not paying experts to solve what are often very simple fixes, save time by not having to call, interview, and deliver and wait for a specialist to perform their task, reduce frustration of feeling like the wolrd of things is in control of you, reduce risk by solving problems where there is a risk like an emergency situation and much more.

Stay tuned for ongoing updates and snippets of my book.


I hope to publish the book in October 2019