Flip Phone Not Charging

So my mom’s flip phone stopped charging. Once I got to her, I did a quick troubleshoot.

I first confirmed that it is not charging, then made sure it was plugged in fully.

Next I moved the charger to an outlet known to have power… still no indication of charging.

Next I took a look at the charging cable which had a break at the phone. I jiggled the wires around thinking one of the wires might be broken in the bundle, but once again no indication. Another thing I did is to make sure the connection and the cable end seem clean and ok.

Next, I checked the power supply end and saw tape had been put over the cable to secure it. Bupkis.

It was time to quit. Practical considerations suggested the time being spent was no longer worth the effort. The replacement cable was a 5 minute walk away, she would be returning home in a few hours and had some battery life and thus the practical choice.

Sometimes you lose in problem solving but it’s usually more of a choice to quit than an outright surrender.