Solving my garage door problem Part 2

OK, so while tinkering around with the balance of the door, the spring connected to one of the pulleys came off the spring. When I looked at the cable that runs through the pulleys it was kinked and nicked so I needed to buy another.

To close and secure the door, I needed to disconnect the door from the part that hooks the door to the chain. I did so and closed the door. Then I wanted to move the carriage part to be close to the motor as It would take a few days to get the replacement cable.

When I pushed the button, the motor made the same noise it was making when connected to the door and not moving at all. Up until this moment, I assumed that the lack of alignment and balance in the door was causing the motor to strain and not start,. Now, with the two not attached, I realized that I was dealing with …


This situation is always among the most difficult problems to solve.

So about a year ago, My motor stopped working. I took the cover off and noticed a gooey stain on the cover (the cover goes over the bottom of the opener). This stain was right under a part that I recognized. It’s called a capacitor and, the purpose is to help the motor get started when it first is called to run. Many motors have this capacitor. Air conditioners come to mind (I changed one of them a few years ago).

So, seeing the stain, I looked directly above where the stain was and low-and-behold, there was a goo leaking out of the capacitor. I bought a replacement and that fixed 100% the door opener.

So now, I’m thinking the same thing may have occurred… maybe a poorly designed part?.

My next step was to take the possible bad capacitor out of the bad opener and move it to the good opener and visa versa.

I was lucky to have 2 of the exact same openers.

Removing the capacitor and swapping it to the other opener had 2 effects.

  1. The good opener started failing and,
  2. The bad opener started working.

I did several tests of each opener to make sure the new situation was persisting.

It was.

The end of the story is that I installed the new cable, spent 5 minutes matching the 2 sides and improving the up/down balance .

After a few more days, the new part came from Amazon ($9.00). I installed it, and tested it and so far, after about 10 open/close cycles, the problem is fixed.

New opener: $200
Installation: $100

Savings – $291

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